The Composers

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Amram, David – An American Original (NPD85546)
Featuring soloists Julius Baker, Chris Gekker, and James Courtney. Includes American Dance Suite, Theme and Variations on Red River Valley, Travels for Trumpet and Orchestra, and Three Songs for America.

Amram, David – Three Concertos (NPD85601)
Manhattan Chamber Orchestra, Richard Auldon Clark, conductor, and Charles Castleman, Nathaniel Rosen and Kenneth Pasmanick as soloists.

Argento, Dominick – A Waterbird Talk/Six Elizabethan Songs (NPD85602)
Based Chekhov’s “On the Harmfulness of Tobacco” and Audubon’s “Birds of America” this sad, comic, poignant one act opera shows a soul becoming unraveled as he tries to deliver a lecture. Manhattan Chamber Orchestra features Vern Sutton as the lecturer. The delightful “Elizabethan Songs are performed by Frederick Urrey.

Timeless Tales & Music of Our Time
A project of An die Musik
Oboe, String trio & Piano

Dr. Ruth Westheimer, Narrator
Little Red Riding Hood
Goldilocks and
The Three Bears
Original Music By Bruce Adolphe

Founded in 1976, hailed internationally for its fresh and innovative programming built around its unusual instrumentation of oboe, string trio and piano AND its unique collaborative story-telling projects, with painters, writers and composers, AN DIE MUSIK has inspired audiences with it’s “ardent impetuosity, musical integrity and fiery instrumental brilliance” (N.Y. Times), attaining a place in the foremost rank of world⤔class chamber music ensembles today.

The group has commissioned composer Bruce Adophe to compose two new musical works for narrator and chamber ensemble, Little Red Riding Hood and
Goldilocks and The Three Bears. In doing so, he has written catchy, identifying tunes for each character and he has altered the texts in “minor ways, which are intended to appeal to contemporary tastes”, in addition to writing a new ending for Little Red Riding Hood which he hopes will “amuse everyone, including wolf fans.”

List Price: $12.98

Bach, C.P.E. & J.S.
Performed on Period Instruments by the
Washington Bach Consort
J. Reilly Lewis, Conductor

Bach, J.S. – Tenor Arias with Flute (NPD85582)
David Gordon and the Bach Bethlehem Festival Orchestra conducted by Greg Funfgeld, Emily Newbold, flute. One of America’s leading tenors performs favorites from Bach’s copious catalogue of cantatas and oratorios includes Frohe Hirten from the Christmas Oratorios and Benedictus from the B minor Mass.

Baksa, Robert – For Winds (85624)

Bernstein, Leonard
Trouble In Tahiti – (NPD 85641)
Manhattan School of Music Opera Orchestra
Glen Barton Cortese, Conductor

Live Recording of the acclaimed December 1998 Manhattan School of Music Opera Theater production of the satiric one-act opera. Music and libretto by Leonard Bernstein

Britten, Benjamin – A Ceremony Of Carols (NPD85619)

Beach, Amy / Meyer, William – Distant Playing Fields (NPD85626)

Brown, Earle – centering (NPD85631)

Catan, Daniel – Rappacinni’s Daughter (NPD85595/2)[2CDs)
The Manhattan School Of Music Opera

Chambers, Wendy Mae – Symphony of the Universe (NPD85552)
A dazzling sonic spectacular of 100 timpani recorded live at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York.

Chambers, Wendy Mae – Ten Grand (NPD85553)
Composed for ten grand pianos with movement titles Primordial Birds, Portugal, Korea, D-loud, and Hungarian Excerpt.

Cherubini, – Medee (NPD/2) [Two CDs]
Restored to the original French Complete Score including dialogue on the period instruments. Phyllis Treigle in the title role Bart Folse, conductor.

Cohen, Michael
I Remember – (NPD 85654)
Michael Cohen’s haunting 1996 chamber work for voice, flute and harp. Based on The Diary of Anne Frank, commemorating the 50th anniversary of her death and the end of the Holocaust.
Also includes A Song for Silenced Voices for ‘Cello and Piano and Dialogues for Flute, ‘Cello and Piano

Coward, Noël
A Room With A View – (NPD 85647)
Richard Conrad, Vocals
William Merrill, Pianist
A program of favorites sung by the acclaimed Coward stylist, Richard Conrad, in celebration of Sir Noël’s 100th birthday.

John Davis Plays Blind Tom
John Davis, Piano – (NPD 85660)

Denver Post – February 7, 2000
He was called “the eighth wonder of the world” and “the great musical prodigy of the age” during his lifetime, but today the prowess of Thomas Wiggins, better known as “Blind Tom” Bethune, is barely a footnote in music history. Indeed, the new Africana: The Encyclopedia of the African and African American Experience doesn’t list him.

Happily this neglect is at a partial end with the release of “John Davis Plays Blind Tom” (Newport Classic NPD 85660). Up till now the emphasis was on the known facts of Blind Tom’s life, never on the music itself. But the fact is, he published a number of works, and these reveal more than suspected of the man and his life.

These are the facts: He was born in 1849 to slave parents, Mingo and Charity Wiggins (some sources list the surname as Greene) and was part of the bargain when they were sold to Gen. James Neil Bethune. Thomas was blind from birth – his eyes were inelegantly described in one biography as “white and apparently as inanimate as those of a dead fish” – and was generally held to be mentally retarded.

But in the Bethune household he heard the family’s daughters at the piano and, as the family dined in another room, amazed everyone by picking out the music the daughters had played earlier. He was about 4 at the time. It became clear that the child could reproduce by ear anything someone played for him. The oldest daughter, Mary, taught him what she knew. The results were astounding, and the boy became a prodigy known for his musical abilities. As an adult, Blind Tom reputedly had a repertory of 7,000 pieces, of which about 100 were his own compositions.

Oliver’s publicity insisted that these feats were done by “an utter idiot,” and Tom’s own ungainly mannerisms fed the legend. An 1862 newspaper account put it, “He resembles any ordinary Negro boy 13 years old and is perfectly blind and an idiot in everything but music, language, imitations, and perhaps memory.” After the Civil War, when African Americans were supposedly free, Bethune got around the difficulty by getting him self-appointed Tom’s “guardian” and continued to exhibit him. His appearances in one year generated $100,000, which by to day’s values would be more than $1 million, making him one of the highest-paid musicians of all time. Tom, of course, got little to none of it.

John Davis came to the job “as a pianist steeped since childhood in blues culture and African-American music of the Deep South,” according to his own program note. Searching out actual printed sources reveals another side of the story. To be sure, much of 19th century piano repertory was designed for home use and wasn’t pro- found. There were the inevitable dance tunes for evening soirees including “Cyclone Galop,” “Oliver Galop,” “Virginia Polka” and “Vivo Galop.” These are better than average, but do not become art as, for example, Chopin produced.

More to the point are the ambitious works. The “Battle of Manassas” is at least as good as, and some might say better than some of Louis Moreau Gottschalk’s “battle” pieces. It evokes a great deal and quotes familiar tunes of the day. Even the notated “improvisation” on “When This Cruel War Is Over” shows a lively regard for how tunes can fit together and not jar the listener. “Water in the Moonlight” and “Daylight” do duty as precursors to musical impressionism.

Furthermore, Davis has a real regard for the music and delivers it not as side show to music history, but as something to be regarded seriously in its own right. There is a promised second CD in the works.

Donaudy, Stephano – Amor Mi Fa Cantare (NPD85607)
Robert Guarino, Tenor, Dennis Helmrich, Piano. “36 Arie di stile antico.” First complete recording of these flat out, wonderfully, passionate Sicilian Love Songs. Encores made famous by Caruso, Pavarotti and Domingo.

Donizetti – II Campanello (NPD85608)
This one act comic opera is in the best opera buffa style – silly disguises, a spurned lover and deliciously improbable plot. Manhattan School of Music, Christopher Larkin, conductor.

Tiffaney Lane – (NPD85648)
Tiffaney Lane, violin
Tian Ying, piano
Theme from Schindler’s List (Williams)
Estrellita (Ponce)
Vocalise (Rachmaninoff)
Jeanie With The Light Brown Hair (Foster)
Liebesleid (Kreisler)

OVER THERE! Songs From America’s Wars
Jon English, tenor – Rob Carriker, piano
Marlborough Singers and Chamber Players

Presented here are songs dating form the Revolutionary War to World War I. Within them you’ll find expressions of love, pride, sorrow, and loss. But the most remarkable commonality you’ll discover is an unbridled and invincible spirit. These poets and composers share a true sense of patriotism and the courage to express it through verse and song. From the first cheer of Free America to the last verse of Keep the Home Fires Burning, these songs represent a more innocent age, when the carnage of war was kept on the battlefield, and not brought in to the parlors (or living rooms) of our homes. It wouldn’t be until the invention of the radio, movies and, ultimately television, that the reality of war, the brutality – would enter out lives in such an immediate and profound way.
1. Free America 2.The Red, White and Blue 3.The Soldier’s Tear 4.The Bonnie Blue Flag 5.The Battle Cry of Freedom 6.When Johnny Comes Marching Home 7.Tenting To-night 8.Marching Through Georgia 10.Captain Jinks of the Horse Marines 11.The Faded Coat of Blue 12.Over There 13.He is there! 14.God Be With our Boys To-Night 15.Give a Little Credit to the Navy 16.When Alexander Takes His Ragtime Band to France 17.K-K-K-Katy 18.Over Yonder Where The Lilies Grow 19.Would you rather be a Colonel with an Eagle on your Arm Than a Private with a Chicken on you knee? 20. There’s A Long, Long Trail 21. When The Boys Come Sailing Home 22.My Buddy 23. Keep The Home Fires Burning

Michael Feldman, the star of the topical radio call-in show, Michael Feldman’s Whad’Ya Know?, is an American Original. A 20-year overnight sensation, his program is carried by nearly 300 Public Radio affiliates and has a measured weekly audience of 1.3 million loyal fans. His free-flow, off-the-cuff style of communication that would later dub him “The King of Small-Talk Radio.”

Flagello, Nicolas – The Piper of Hamelin (NCD 65013)
Flagello’s opera for Children, based on the classic tale starring Bob McGrath, narrator and The Manhattan School of Music Preparatory Division soloists, orchestra and chorus; Jonathan Strasser, conductor; produced by John Ostendorf

Foss, Lukas – The Jumping Frog of Calveras County (NPD85609)
On honor of the composer’s 75th birthday we present the first complete recording of this delightful folk-opera based on a Mark Twain story. The album includes the never recorded soprano aria added in 1951 Miss Lulu’s Song. The cast is headed by Julianne Baird, Frederick Urrey, Kevin Deas, Peter Castaldi with the Manhattan Chamber Orchestra conducted by Richard Auldon Clark.George Frederic.

Gilbert & Sullivan
Princess Ida
Three-Act Romantic Comic Opera
The Ohio Light Opera
J. Lynn Thompson, Conductor

Gilbert and Sullivan’s Three act romantic comic opera Princess Ida was based on Tennyson’s endearing satire and featured some of Sir Arthur Sullivan’s most gorgeous melodies. Recorded live at the 1999 Ohio Light Opera Festival – James Stuart, Artistic Director, Steven Daigle, Stage Director, J. Lynn Thompson, Conductor

Gilbert & Sullivan
Utopia Limited
Two-Act Romantic Comic Opera
The Ohio Light Opera
J. Lynn Thompson, Conductor

First complete CD recording – including all spoken dialogue-of the G&S comic masterpiece in live performance with the cast, chorus and orchestra of the Ohio Light Opera Company. Complete liner notes by OLO founder, James Stuart.

GRANA, Edgar – Stones, Time & Elements: A Humanist Requiem (NPD85573)
Music by Edgar Grana, Text by Kurt Vonnegut, Manhattan Chamber Orchestra, Magic Circle Opera, Richard Auldon Clark conducting with Michael Brecker and Vonnegut, reader

Glorious Handel
Julianne Baird, Soprano (NPD85646)
Arias from Handel’s operas, oratorios and cantatas Julianne Baird, soprano, Rudolph Palmer conducting the Brewer Chamber Orchestra of period instruments. Includes selections from Semele, Messiah, Joshua, and Acis & Galatea, produced by John Ostendorf

Griffes, Charles Tomlinson
Goddess of the Moon
Exotic Chamber Music based on Japanese, Druid & Indian Themes
(NPD 85634)

Perspectives Ensemble

Three Sketches on Indian Themes
Sonata for Piano
The Kairn of Koridwen
Three Japanese Melodies

Handel, George Frederic – Julianne Baird Arias (NPD85568)
With the Brewer Chamber Orchestra includes Oh, Had I Jubal’s Lyre, Dopo Notte, and O Sleep, Why Dost Thou Leave Me. Produced by John Ostendorf.

Handel, George Frederic – Acis and Galatea (NCD60045/2) [Two CDs]
Composed in 1718 to a libretto by John Gay. This is a finely and intimately scaled masque. Julianne Baird, John Ostendorf and Jeffrey Dooley, accompanied by the Armor Artis Orchestra, on period instruments, Johannes Somary conducting.

Handel, George Frederic – Alexander Balus (NPD85625/2) [Two CDs]

Handel, George Frederic – Berenice (NPD85620/3) [Three CDs]

Julianne Baird, Drew Minter, D’Anna Fortunato, Jennifer Lane, Jan Opalach, Andrea Matthews, John McMaster and Rudolph Palmer conducting the Brewer Chamber Orchestra. Composed in 1737 this Opera features romance, intrigue, nobility and treachery based on the history of Egypt during the Middle Roman Empire.

Handel, George Frederic – Fury With Red Sparkling Eyes (85628)
Celebrated mezzo-soprano Jeffiner Lane sings a program of dramatic arias from the Italian operas and English oratorios of Geaorge Frideric Handel.. Included are such favorites as Where’re You Walk” from SEMELE, “Lascia ch’io pianga” from RINALDO and “Si, tra I cieppi” from BERENICE.

Handel, George Frederic – Siroe (NCD60125/3) [Three CDs]
D’Anna Fortunato, Julianne Baird and John Ostendorf combine forces with Rudolph Palmer and the Brewer Chamber Orchestra in this premier recording of Handel’s last staged opera.

Handel, George Frederic – Joshua (NPD85515/2) [Two CDs]
D’Anna Fortunato, Grammy winner John Aler, Julianne Baird, John Ostendorf accompanied by Rudolph Palmer and the Brewer Chamber Orchestra in the critically acclaimed performance of this oratorio.

Handel, George Frederic – Muzio (NPD85540/2) [Two CDs]
Julianne Baird, D’Anna Fortunato, Rudolph Palmer and John Ostendorf join Frederic Urrey, Erie Mills and Jennifer Lane to present what was essentially, a battle of the Opera Composers staged in 1721. Handel scored Act III.

Handel, George Frederic – Sosarme (NPD85575/2) [Two CDs]
Baroque conductor Johannes Somary directs a distinguished cast led by John Aler, Julianne Baird, countertenor Drew Minter, D’Anna Fortunata, Jennifer Lane, Nathaniel Watson, Raymond Pellerin and the Armor Artis Orchestra. A tale of violent court intrigue civil strife, frustrated love, ambition and suicide.

Handel, George Frederic – Israel in Egypt (NCD60005/2) [Two cassettes only]
Sine Nomine Singers in the first complete recording of this oratorioan aural Ten Commandments.

Handel, George Frederic – Wher’er You Walk (NPD85610)
Best Loved Songs and Arias from English Oratorios featuring Julianne Baird, John Aler, D’Anna Fortunato with Rudolph Palmer conducting the period instrument Brewer Chamber Ensemble.


The Spirit’s Song

Jean Danton, Soprano
Igor Kipnis, Fortepiano


Haydn’s output of 104 symphonies is huge by any standards, and yet his symphonic production is tiny compared to his vocal output. For example, 398 arrangements of British folk songs alone are listed among his complete works. There are four arrangements of British folk songs presented on this CD. Three of the songs are Scottish: Pentland Hills, By the stream so cool and clear and Sleepy Bodie. The fourth is actually a duet for soprano and mezzo-soprano based on the Welsh hymn All through the night

Soprano Jean Danton has been a soloist with the Handel and Haydn Society under both Christopher Hogwood and John Finney, Oregon Bach Festival conducted by Helmuth Rilling, Boston Baroque with Martin Pearlman and the Boston Pops Orchestra with Keith Lockhart and Bruce Hangen. Her many festival appearances include engagements at the Carmel Bach Festival, Florida’s Winter Park Bach Festival, Colorado’s Breckenridge Music Festival, New York Bach Aria Festival, Bar Harbor Music Festival, Great Waters Music Festival and the Boston Early Music Festival

Igor Kipness (1931-2002)
Internationally known as a performer on the harpsichord, clavichord, fortepiano, and, more recently on the modern piano, both as a solo recitalist and as a member of the Kipnis-Kushner Duo (one piano, four hands).
This was to be his final recording and is dedicated in loving memory to his artistry and his lifetime devotion to music


1. Piercing Eyes (1794)
2. She never told her love
3. Sleepy Bodie (Scottish Air-1792)
4. Pleasing Pain (1794)
5. Sailor’s Song (1794)
6. The Spirit’s Song (1795)
7. Andante with Variations in F minor (1793)
8. By the stream so cool and clear
(Scottish Air-1802)
9. The Mermaid’s Song (1794)
10. Fidelity (1794)
11. Pentland Hills (Scottish Air-1792)
12. The Battle of the Nile (1800)
13. All through the Night (Welsh Air-Duet-1803)

Haydn. Franz Joseph – La Canterina (The Diva) (NPD85595)
Brenda Harris, Jon Garrison, D’Anna Fortunato, Joyce Guyer and Rudolph Palmer conducting the Palmer Chamber Orchestra with Emily Newbold, flute and John Ostendorf, Producer. A fresh, charming little opera comes from Haydn’s first year as the Kapelmeister for the Esterhazys who had commissioned this performance to celebrate the Prince’s son’s name day.

Haydn. Franz Joseph – Creation (NPD85627/2)[2CDs]

Herbert, Victor– Eileen (/2) [Two CDs]
Herbert, Victor – Thine Alone (NPD85572)
MCO, Richard Aulden Clark, conductor featuring Andrea Matthews, soprano. Possibly the most significant musician in America in the 20th century. Best known for “Babes in Toyland”, Herbert was also a teacher and performer who vastly popularized classical music. Composer for the Ziegfield Follies, author of more than forty operettas his influence embraced performers as diverse as Nelson Eddy and Jeanette Mac Donald and the Marx Brothers. A warm, wonderful, sentimental collection of works.

Romberg, Sigmund
A Collection if Operetta Favorites of Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy
Elizabeth Futral, soprano
Steven White, baritone

Herschel, William – Father of Modern Astronomy (NPD85612)
Produced by John Ostendorf, The Mozart Orchestra, Davis Jerome conducting, Richard Woodhams, oboe. In a time when astronomy was a hobby and composition an avocation Herschel, fluent on both oboe and organ composed these two concerti and Symphony No. 4 in F minor. A CD premiere.

Hummel, Johan Nepomuk
Complete Piano Sonatas In Three Volumes – (NCD 60161)
Volume One
Constance Keene

Ibert, Jacques – Oevres Variees (NPD85598)
In the rich cosmopolitan character of Paris in the first half of this century Jacques Ibert composed a varied and extensive catalog. The Manhattan Chamber Orchestra (MCO), Richard Aulden Clark, conductor; soloists Gary Louie, Humbert Lucarelli, Nathaniel Rosen. Includes Concertino da Camera, Concerto for Violincello and Wind Instruments, Divertissements and Symphonie Concertante for Oboe and String Orchestra.

Ibert, Jacques – Vive Ibert (NPD85531)
MCO, Richard Aulden Clark, conductor with Eugenia Zuckerman, flute. Album includes The Elizabethan Suite, Concerto for Flute and Orchestra, The Suite Symphonique, Paris, and The Capriccio for Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon, String Quartet, and Harp.

Luening, Otto – Orchestral Works, 1917-1992 (NPD85543)
MCO, Richard Aulden Clark, conductor. Few composers have been more attuned to the changes in music in this century. From his involvement with the Dadaist and subsequent work with James Joyce’s celebrated English Troupe to his latter explorations of Native American legend, he has been a part of some of the most important artistic movements of this century. Includes Three Songs, Elegy for the Lonesome One, World Without People, Potowatomi Legends, Sonority Forms II, and Symphonic Fantasia No. 11.

Lowe, A. Mifflin – Beasts By The Bunches (NPD85672)
Everybody’s heard of a herd of cows, a school of fish and a pack of dogs, but did you know there are names for almost all groups of animals? From the rap and samba to do-wop Celtic music, Beasts By The Bunches combines an incredible range of musical styles with indisputable wit.

Martin, Frank
Le Vin Herbé – (NPD 85670/2)(2 CDs)

Cast, Chorus and Instrumental Ensemble of
I Cantori de New York
Mark Shapiro, conductor
Tristan: Steven Tharp
Isolde: Laura Danehower Whyte

The Dramatic three-act 1941 opera-oratorio by Swiss composer Frank Martin, depicting the Tristan & Isolde legend, sung in French

Mendelssohn, Fanny
Lieder – (NPD 85652)
Julianne Baird, Soprano
Keith Weber, Fortepiano
Songs and “Songs Without Words” for voice and fortepiano, sung by soprano Julianne Baird with fortepianist Keith Weber: Leider set to the German Poetry of Goethe, Heine and others, English songs by Lord Byron and Leider ohne Worte for solo keyboard

Mendelssohn, Felix – Concerto for Piano, Violin and Strings
String Symphony VII in D – NCD 60152
Olga Yanovich, Violin
Serguei Milstein, Piano
Moscow Symphony Orchestra
Joel Revzen, Conductor

Menotti, Gian Carlo – The Consul (NPD85645/2)[2CDs]

Menotti, Gian Carlo – Help, Help, The Globolinks (NPD85633)

The hilarious one-act, space-age opera by Menotti, recorded by producer John Ostendorf at the Spring 1998 production of the work by the Madison Opera Company, John DeMain conducting the Madison Symphony. This is the first recording of this charming work, written for Hamburg Opera and premiered in America (with Ostendorf in the cast) in the 1970’s at New York’s City Center and then on Broadway.

Menotti, Gian Carlo – The Unicorn, The Gorgon and the Manticore (NPD85621)
A charming madrigal fable paired with Virgil Thomson’s Parson Weems and the Cherry Tree performed by the Boston Cecilia, Donald Teeters conducting.

Messager, Andre– Veronique (NPD85635)

Mollicone, Henry / Harnick, Sheldon– Coyote Tales (NPD85629/2)[2CDs]
The tow-CD opera, based on Native American themes, depicting, in a fanciful and delightful score, the Creation of the World by Coyote—a world inhabited by such wonderful creatures as The Skookums, Squirrels, Antelopes, the Voice of the Great Spirit, Stars & Maidens. Taped live at the Lyric Opera of Kansas City WORLD PREMIERE, with cast, chorus and the Kansas City Symphony led by Russell Patterson.

Monckton, Lionel
The Arcadians
Romantic English Comic Opera in Three Acts (1909)
Ohio Light Opera Company
J. Lynn Thompson, Conductor – (NPD 85665/2)(2 CDs)

First recording of Monckton’s three-act romantic Eduardian comic opera–set both in idyllic Arcady and posh, snooty London.

Additional music by Howard Talbot, lyrics by Arthur Wimperis, book by Mark Ambient. Featuring tuneful and bawdy melodies in the traditions of both Gilbert and Sullivan and the Turn-of-the-Century London music hall.

The Arcadians was recorded live at the 1998 Ohio Light Opera Summer Festival, James Stuart, artistic director John Ostendorf producer

Moore, Douglas – The Devil and Daniel Webster (NPD85585)
The dramatic one act opera based on a short story by Stephen Vincent Benet performed by the Lyric Opera of Kansas featuring Joyce Guyer and Brian Steele, Russell Patterson conducting, John Ostendorf, Producer.
Moore, Douglas – The Ballad of Baby Doe (NPD85593/2) [2CDs]
Central City Opera, John Moriarty, Cond. Jan Grissom, Brian Steele, Dana Krueger. The first recording in thirty-seven years of this epic American Opera which introduced many to the talent of Beverly Sills. Full Libretto.

Newman, Anthony – New Music (NCD60032)
Margaret Mills, the Laurentian String Quartet, Flute Force, and soloists Peter Bacchus, Diana Wan, and YuvalWaldman. Features Quintet for Piano and Strings, Quartet for Flutes, Variations and Toccata for Solo Violin andIntroduction and Toccata.
Newman, Anthony– On Fallen Heroes (NCD60140)
On the conductor’s baton Newman leads the New York Arts Orchestra and John Dexter (viola) and Christopher Lewis (piano) in three tonal works. The centerpiece being a tribute to those lives lost at Tiananmen Square.

Band music of the Past and Future

Rameau, Jean Philippe – L’Amour Regne (Love Rules) (NPD85555)
Concert Royal Orchestra & Chorus, James Richmond, Artistic Director. The Faithful Shepherd and The Dance were composed twenty years apart but they share the same sentiment – Love Rules!

Rorem, Ned – Miss Julie (NPD85605/2) [Two CDs]
This live dramatic recording comes from the much praised production at the Manhattan School of Music. Based on a play by Strindberg with a libretto by Ken Elmsie.

Rorem, Ned – A Childhood Miracle (Elliot Stein) & Three Sisters Who Are Not Sisters (Gertrude Stein, lib.) (NPD85594)
Description defies us – maybe Gertrude could explain. Performed by the Magic Circle Opera Repertory Ensemble.
Rorem, Ned/Hennessy, Martin – Women’s Voices – (NPD85613)
Ned Rorem’s haunting song-cycle and songs by Martin Hennessy performed soprano Heidi Skok with Hennessy accompanying on piano.

Rorem, Ned
SUN – (NPD 85657)
Cantata for Soprano and Orchestra
Manhattan School of Music Symphony
Glen Barton Cortese, Conductor
Lauren Flanigan, Soprano
String Quartet #3
Mendelssohn String Quartet
Celebrated American soprano Lauren Flanigan sings Ned Rorem’s dramatic 1967 cycle, recorded live at New York’s historic Riverside Church. The CD concludes with Rorem’s haunting String Quartet #3.

Scarlatti, Allesandro – Ishmael (NPD85558/2) [Two CDs]
Another rediscovered masterpiece from the vaults of Baroque opera. Featuring Julianne Baird, D’Anna Fortunato, John Ostendorf, and Brenda Harris. Rudolph Palmer conducting.

Schikele, Peter– Hornsmoke (NPD85638)
Best known for his concert/lectures extolling the music of P.D.Q Bach, composer, musician, author, satirist, Peter Schickele is internationally recognized as one of the most versatile artists in the field of music. His works, now well in excess of 100 for symphony orchestras, choral groups, chamber ensembles, voice, movies and television, have given him ” a leading role in the ever-more-prominent school of American composers who unselfconsciously blend all levels of American music.” (John Rockwell, The New York Times)

The title piece, HORNSMOKE, is described by Mr. Schickele as an opera in which the characters played to each other rather than sang. Each instrument is a character in the story and each also provides accompaniment for the other characters. “Selecting an extremely cliched plot, that of many of the grade B Western movies that I grew up on, meant that very few actual words would be necessary; a few “voice-over” speeches by an unseen narrator would serve to set the scene and introduce the characters. What went on among those five characters was so obvious that lyrics weren’t necessary.

Since beginning as a street band in Philadelphia in 1977, the CHESTNUT BRASS COMPANY has performed concerts throughout the world. They’re recording of 19th Century political music, “Tippecanoe and Tyler, Too” entered the Billboard Crossover Chart in the fall of 1992. This is their sixth recording for Newport Classic.

Schoenfield, Paul
Café Music
The Samaris Piano Trio – (NPD 85642)

Also includes:

Baker, David
Roots II

Copland, Aaron
Vitebsk Study on a Jewish Theme

Kirshner, Leon
Trio (1954)

Schubert, Franz – Winterreise (NPD85614)
Following the tradition of Lotte Lehman Julianne Baird, accompanied by Andrew Willis on fortepiano gives brilliant performance of the original version of this great song cycle.

Schumann, Robert – Piano Music (NPD85611)
John Van Buskirk plays a fortepiano which is a replica of the composers own instrument the Abegg Variations, Papillions and Paganini Studies.
Schumann, Robert – Piano Concerto in A Minor, Op. 54 (NCD60034)
Thomas Lorango, with the New Brandenburg Collegium, Anthony Newman, conductor. The first period instrument recording of the late Romantic composer.

Sharp, Elliot – K!L!A!V Works for Keyboard (NPD85504)
The Soho veteran explores the rich variety of keyboard sounds in the post-modern age in these works for keyboard and mixed keyboard ensemble including the critically acclaimed Mapping, Twenty Below, and K!L!A!V.

Soldier, David – The Apotheosis of John Brown (NPD85549)
The Thrilling (really) re-telling of the story of Harper’s Ferry based on Frederick Douglas’ account. A synthesis of sounds and styles ranging from jazz to blues to rock.
Soldier, David – War Prayer/Ultra-Violet Railroad (NPD85589)
Adapted from a Mark Twain story so inflammatory, that Twain believed it could so damage his career and therefore he arranged for posthumous publication. David Soldier is the Buckaroo Banzai of Newport Classic. By day, a researcher in neuropsychiatry; at night, a composer and performer of the hippest sounds to come out of the fusion of classical, jazz, gospel, and blues.

La Noche
Modern Mexican Choral Masterpieces
The Gregg Smith Singers
Gregg Smith, Conductor

Founded in 1955 by Gregg Smith, the Gregg Smith Singers remain peerless as performers of choral music. Their enormous repertoire ranges from the music of Monteverdi and Stravinsky to today’s living masters, with American music accounting for approximately two-thirds of their overall programming.

The Singers have made over thirty-five national tours, a dozen European tours, and three trips to the Far East. Their recordings have won three Grammy and two Montreaux Awards. This particular CD of contemporary Mexican choral music came out of two visits to Mexico City: the first with Gregg Smith alone and the second a five day residency in January 1996 with the whole group, performing two concerts and giving several workshops.

Since then GSS has made six more contemporary CDs (including a spatial CD also go be released by Newport). They have appeared as the featured ensemble in the International Choral Festival in Legnano, Italy just outside of Milan in 1997, and have been invited to perform in a festival in Valencia, Spain in the spring of 2001.

Still, William Grant – The American Scene (NPD85596)
MCO, Richard Aulden Clark, conductor. William Grant Still was a highly educated, African-American composer, a contemporary of Gershwin, a participant in the Harlem Renaissance whose lifetime goal was to fuse the musical idioms of the world. To mark the centenary of one of America’s foremost composers we offer this collection of vocal and orchestral works.

Straus, Oscar
The Chocolate Soldier
Romantic Comic Opera in English
Ohio Light Opera – (NPD 85650)(2 CDs)
J. Lynn Thompson, Conductor
James Stuart, Artistic Director
First recording of Oscar Straus’ three-act romantic comic opera (1908) – based on the George Bernard Shaw play, ARMS AND THE MAN – set to the lavish Viennese melodies and recorded live, in English, at the Ohio Light Opera.

Strauss, Richard – Also Sprach Zarathustra Newport Classic Auracle (AU10001)[Two pieces on this album]
The Binaural Audiophile Label, The Pasadena Symphony, Jorge Mester, conductor, Hector Oliveira, organist. The sound spectacular 24-Carat Gold CD, high resolution, special limited numbered edition sound spectacular!! ‘This CD really does have a golden sound’ CD Review, A+ rating by Audio Magazine.

Stravinsky, Igor – Le Sacre du Printemps (AU10002)
The second offering on Auracle The Binaural Audiophile Label, The Pasadena Symphony, Jorge Mester conductor, offers all the bells and whistles of our first release and a (if possible) even more extraordinary performance. Also include Rachmaninoff’s Symphonic Dances.

Telemann, Georg Philipp – Pimpinone (NCD60117)
Julianne Baird, John Ostendorf, with Rudolph Palmer conducting the Orchestra of St. Luke’s in this charming intermezzo. Sub-titled “The Lop-Sided Marriage or the Husband Stealing Chambermaid” half in italian half in french – a complete polyglot frolic.

The Art Of The American Singer – (NPD85636)
More than 20 excerpts from Newport Classic’s complete recordings of operas, oratorios and song cycles, featuring some of America’s finest singers-from CDs produced by John Ostendorf—including John Aler, Julianne Baird, D’Anna Fortunato. John Cheek, Drew Minter, Jan Opalach, Jennifer Lane and many others

Verdi, Giuseppe – Arias (NPD85581)
The superb American soprano Christine Weidinger in a program of best loved arias by Verdi, with the Manhattan Chamber Orchestra, Richard Auldon Clark, conductor.

Vivaldi, Antonio – Magnificat & Gloria (NPD85617)
Julianne Baird, Soprano with the Ama Deus Chorus and Original instrument ensemble, Valentin Radu conductor. The Magnificat is presented in the rarely heard Venice version which includes three additional solo arias for soprano.

Wilder, Alec – For the Friends of Alec Wilder (NPD85570)
The MCO, Richard Aulden Clark conductor, featuring Eugenia Zuckerman, Humbert Lucarelli, and Gary Louie. Few composers have proved to be so articulate in such a wide range of styles. Includes pieces dedicated to Zoot Sims, Mitch Miller, and Julius Baker.
Wilder, Alec– such a tender night (NPD85630)
Delightful orchestral works by Alec Wilder performed by the Manhattan Chamber Orchestra under the direction of Richard Auldon Clark. Margaret Astrup, soprano.


Klezmer Nutcracker – Shirim (NPD85640)
This unusual collection of Classical favorites are performed in a new way by Shirim, one of the foremost Klezmer Bands in America. Included with their reinterpretation of Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite are Klezmer versions of the third movement of Mahler’s First Symphony, Enesco’s Romanian Rhapsody in G, three Gnossienne by Satie, Brahms’ Hungarian Rhapsody and Prelude #4 by Chopin.

Shirim has been performing traditional and original klezmer music since 1982. The band has toured extensively in North America and their music was used in Woody Allen’s movie “Deconstructing Harry.” All the members of the band are also well known for their work as Naftule’s Dream, with which they perform original music influenced by Jewish traditions.

The Art Of Yiddish Song – (NPD 85653)
Shirim Klezmer Band
Betty Silberman, Vocalist

Following the success of their first Newport Classic CD, KLEZMER NUTCRACKER, Shirim puts its own stamp on the classic Yiddish song while adding their own originals which fit right in the tradition. So kick back and enjoy this joyous celebration of Yiddish culture – sing along and don’t be afraid to dance!

1. Let’s Make Up
2. Father’s Nigun
3. Sam’s Bulgar
4. Oy It’s Good
5. Under The Trees
6. Sadegurer Khosidl
7. Harshl
8. When King Nirnrod…
9. To Me, You Are Beautiful
10. Autumn 3
11. By The Fireside
12. First Waltz
13. A Friend Of Kafka
14. Belf Freylakh
15. Potatoes
16. Father’s Nigun Reprise

Fantasy – John Nauman (NPD85637)

Micro Classics – The Classic Buskers (NPD85559)
Adventurous listeners will remember the celebrated work of the Cambridge Buskers. Regrouped under a new alias, they play 23 new selections of “arrangements and derangements” of the world’s most beloved melodies.

Newman/Falla/Poulenc – Three Concertos (NCD60017)
Anthony Newman in concert with the Pennsylvania Sinfonia, Alan Birney, conducting, performs as principle soloist on Falla’s Harpsichord Concerto, Poulenc’s Organ Concerto, and Newman’s own Concertino for Piano and Orchestra.

Rise and Shine (NCD60009)
Paula Hatcher, flute with Charlie Byrd. Stereo Review said ‘Don’t miss this one!’.

Zone 5 (NCD60049)
Features the Paula Hatcher Jazz Quintet with Ashton Fletcher, Bill Biesecker, Willie Barberland, guest Charles Covington.

2Plus2 (NCD60048)
Contemporary American Piano Works performed by Margaret Mills. Two men – Richard Wilson, Anthony Newman, Two women- Miriam Gideon, Elizabeth Lauer.

The Wanderer – Eri Ikezi (NPD85632)

Two Suns (NCD60062)
The collision of the electro-acoustic sounds of Downtown First Avenue and the mystical singing of Polish composer Mieczyslaw Litwinsky defies definition. Includes Gentle Riot, Still Life with Harlem, and an extraordinary Jesu, Joy of Amazing Grace.

The Paragon Ragtime – On The Boardwalk (NCD60039)

The Paragon Ragtime – The Whistler and His Dog (NCD60069)
Conductor Rick Benjamin shares the unusual treasure he found in a decrepit warehouse in Atlantic City. Arrangements by Sousa’s trombonist Arthur Pryor. Joyous, zestful tunes which include settings of Joplin, Lamb, and some delightful novelty pieces.

Framework – Framework (NPD85522)
Improvisation, melodic inventiveness and the quest for sounds unimagined describe the work of one of the most stylish ensembles to emerge from New Yorks’ Knitting Factory. Laura Seaton (violin), Erik Friedlander (cello and synthesizer), and Kevin Norton (percussion and synthesizers).

Clarinet In My Mind – Chicago Pro Musica(NPD85537)
Chicago Pro Musica with John Yeh. The 1986 Grammy winners for Best New Artists offer three new works based on the instrumentation of Stravinsky’s Histoire du Soldat. Members of the Chicago Symphony, the Chicago Pro Musica makes a compelling argument for new music in these pieces by Paul Martin Zonn, William Neil, and Frank Abbinanti.

The Tune (NPD85550)
Maureen McElheron and friends. MTV Liquid Television fans will know Bill Plympton’s colored pencil style, but what they walk away singing are Maureen McElheron’s always delightful, but sometimes plain crazy tunes.

Carl Maria von Weber
Complete Sonatas
Constance Keene, Piano
NCD 60165/2

Sonata No. 1 in C. J. 138 Op.24
Sonata No. 2 in A-flat, J. 199 Op.39x
Sonata No. 3 in d, J. 206 Op.49
Sonata No. 4 in e, J. 287 Op.70

This is Ms. Keene’s fourth solo piano album for Newport Classic. The first three albums, Hummel: Complete Piano Sonatas, Vol. 1-3 received critical acclaim from American Record Guide and Anthony Tommasini of The New York Times who said: The Hummel piano sonatas, scintillatingly performed by Constance Keene…I find myself listening to them constantly. Ms. Keene, brings suppleness, pearly tone, textural clarity and brilliance, touched by grace to her performances.” And Harold Schoenberg in the American Record Guide states, “Keene emphasizes the harmonic language that looks back to Mozart and the virtuoso elements that anticipate Liszt. Her fleet and accurate passagework exactly suites the writing, her textures are always clear, her scale work a delight and her musicianship is beyond reproach.”


The Art Of The American Singer – (NPD85636)
More than 20 excerpts from Newport Classic’s complete recordings of operas, oratorios and song cycles, featuring some of America’s finest singers-from CDs produced by John Ostendorf—including John Aler, Julianne Baird, D’Anna Fortunato. John Cheek, Drew Minter, Jan Opalach, Jennifer Lane and many others.