Shadow Bands – Music By Scott Wheeler

Two decades ago, the marvelous, jazzy rhythms of the Violin Sonata and its fiery finale served as my introduction to Scott Wheeler’s music. Each subsequent piece has offered new delights. When I hear the “Camera Dance” movement of the piano trio, it seems as if I am looking out through a window at a medieval scene while inside, soft electric lights are a gentle reminder of the modern world. Then there is the opening of the last movement of Dragon Mountain with its ghostly and beautiful visions drifting in and out of a heavy mist, hovering at the edge of perception.

Scott’s music overflows with joy, with images invariably surprising and vivid. His voice is witty, unique, and distinctly American. It is with great pleasure that we offer this compact disc. – Sharan Leventhal

The works on this disc, all receiving their first recordings here, have met with acclaim from both audiences and critics. Bernard Holland in the New York Times wrote that Piano Trio #2: Camera Dances “shines with craftsmanship.” Of Shadow Bands, Richard Dyer wrote in The Boston Globe: “sunshine and shadow chase and play throughout this piece, which has a particularly beautiful close.” Lloyd Schwartz of The Boston Phoenix found Dragon Mountain “a three-movement gem that incorporates Celtic folk elements of mysterious eloquence.” Richard Buell in The Boston Globe wrote that the Violin Sonata “takes flight, often in dizzying spirals; it carries a charge.”


Piano Trio #2: Camera Dances (1996-1999)

3.Camera Dance

5. Shadow Bands (1991)

Sonata for Violin and Piano (1985)

8.Waltz – Bumptious
9.Andante; Allegro

Dragon Mountain (1992-3)

10.Dragon Song
11.Dragon Flight
12.The Dragon and the Mirror

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