Music Play By Play

Newport Classic has created an encyclopedic collection of the worlds most important music on CD-ROM

The complete Beethoven Piano Sonatas
32 works, over ten hours of high quality MP3 Files,
performed by Seymour Lipkin
The complete sheet music of the sonatas
Over 600 pages of Adobe Acrobat .pdf files

Here, for the first time, a CD-ROM containing the complete Beethoven Piano Sonatas, on high quality MP3 Files, performed by Seymour Lipkin. This disk is playable on any computer with a CD ROM drive, all DVD/home theater players as well as many new home and automobile CD players.

In addition we have included ALL of the sheet music on Adobe Acrobat .pdf files that you can read on AND print from your computer.

Also included is a 10,000 word essay on the sonatas by Ted Libbey, and photos and biographical material on the artist, Seymour Lipkin.

Packaged in a DVD/CD-ROM Box A $150 value for $30!

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